Why kids' skateboards? What is the difference?

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Why kids' skateboards? What is the difference?


The Perfect First Skateboard

We tested a lot of different shapes and sizes of skateboards for kids to use. We found that the traditional size and shape, around 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, was too long and heavy for kids. We ended up with a 27.5-inch long deck that is 7.75 inches wide.

Kids' feet fit perfectly on this deck without the added length and weight. The kids we worked with learned to skate a lot faster with boards that were designed for them instead of the bigger heavier boards that are typically found on the market. This is the perfect first skateboard for the aspiring skater in your life!


Generally speaking, children can ride the same skateboards as adults, but at the beginning, it is especially useful to get started on a children's skateboard. The width and length of a normal skateboard, which also means a higher weight, may not be suitable for children. 

This could cause the fun to quickly fall by the wayside. In order to better introduce them to skateboarding guarantee faster progress, there are shorter and narrower skateboards for children.

With the right board under their feet, your child will have more fun, learn faster and hopefully avoid giving up on skating so quickly. Whether boy or girl: it makes no difference when choosing a children's skateboard. A skateboard is and always will be a skateboard and can be used by everyone the same way!



When looking for the right skateboard for the first time, there are a few things to consider. To make your decision a little easier, we have collected some useful information for you here.

In order to find the right skateboard for your child, you can take your child's body and shoe size into account. These factors are also important when choosing skateboards for adults, but especially children should pay close attention to them. After all, this is the first children's skateboard and everything should fit here!